LEL Chronicles – Day 6

Section T: Great Easton to Debden

Distance covered : 45.65 km; Elevation gain: 384 m;

Start time: 12-Aug-2022 0540 hrs Expected time to reach next CP: 12-Aug-2022 0539 hrs; Actual time to reach next CP: 11-Aug-2022 0752 hrs

Ride time: 2 h 12 m; Moving time: 2 h 10 m; Stoppage time: 0 h 2 m;

Woke up with one call out by the volunteers (oh! what we would have done without them), and bumped into Coach Rohan, who had also reached here, much earlier than me though and was about to leave. He mentioned to get ready quickly and then we can all (along with bade bhaiya) leave together.

Few minutes later, he mentioned that they would head out soon as there’s another rider from India who’s doing quite well on time and they would like to support him for finishing fast. Coach’s neck was still a bit of a challenge but good rest had made it slightly better for him to ride.

Finally I started off at about 0540 hrs, with beautiful sunlight to light up the path and the surroundings and just followed the map, till it brought me to the point where there were volunteers to guide the way.

They mentioned that you can now get off the bike or roll gently and get the card stamped one last time. You have arrived at Debden and finished LEL.

It was music to the ears but the reality was yet to sink in.

Went to the control, got the card stamped, got my medal and felt waves of relief, joy, satisfaction, happiness and calmness going through my entire being.

Had finally got to the finish line of LEL, something that I was never sure of, or had imagined a few months back as ever possible.

Called the command center and informed that I’ve arrived at the last control and accomplished what I had come here for. Had nothing but gratitude to offer.

There were many other folks who came to my mind immediately with deep feelings of gratitude who supported in one way or the other before and during the ride and offered my warmest and sincere thanks. Didn’t get a chance to meet up or connect with everyone that I rode with but could just remember them and offer my gratitude.

Some of these in no particular order were my Coach Rohan, Bade bhaiya (Sanjeev) my trainer Krishna, my closest (cycling) buddies Dr. Ankit Vinayak, Harish Saini, my family (mom & dad, wife and kiddo), Chiro da, Poonam Di, Gurleen Ma’m, Kamal Sir, a whole lot of riders (Sean, Andrew, Keith, Barry Lewis and many more whose name I’m unable to recall), friends, well wishers, volunteers, bike healers who kept me going during the ride and ensured that I get to the finish line.

It was an absolutely amazing and wonderful experience and all these people had made it possible and enriched it in every possible way.

If I was something at that point of time, grateful I was and remain.


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