This is an ultra ride that starts in London, goes up all the way to Edinburgh in Scottish Highlands and then comes back to London, covering about 1500+ km and scaling about 14,000 m of total elevation. It takes you through beautiful country side of UK and Scotland passing through several small towns, villages and lets you experience rolling hills, vagaries of weather and allows long hours of solitude (if you choose to ride solo). It happens once in 4 years and last edition of 2021 got pushed to 2022, thanks to Covid which allowed novice riders like me to take a stab at it. Read up more here.

For 2022 edition, entries were through lottery and it was the first time in a long long time I won a lottery and had to pay for winning that prized seat and was guaranteed a lot of suffering with a lifetime of experience.

Final route went through several iterations before it got finalized with a total distance of 1539 Km, elevation of 14,048 m and allotted time of 128 h 20 m. Start and end point was Debden with a u-turn at Dunfermline, in Scotland, so LEL became DDD before the start itself, while promising all the challenges of LEL and more.

Registration on 06-Aug 1000 hrs at Debden

The Orca @ LEL
The Orca
Joker in the pack

It was now time to get that last few hours of rest, calm the mind, body and soul before starting out.

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